Crest Sensitivity Syndrome

Many individuals are in need of Crest sensitivity protection toothpaste, also called Crest Sensitive or Crest Sensitivity Syndrome. This is a toothpaste that is meant to reduce the feelings of pain and sensitivity that many people experience due to a wide variety of reasons. Some people may have sensitive teeth due to enamel erosion, bad habits such as teeth grinding, being in the age range (20-30) when sensitive teeth are most common, or having untreated dental problems or general poor dental hygiene or health. While Crest Sensitivity Syndrome toothpaste cannot replace the care of a dentist, it can be a great way to reduce sensitivity related pain or discomfort until one can seek out proper dental care. Users should be sure to read and follow all instructions listed on the product to avoid causing complications or further issues with the teeth.

Crest Sensitivity Original is another form of toothpaste for those with sensitive teeth, but it is not as advanced or as strong as the advanced Crest Sensitivity toothpaste. The latter is meant to take away pain and to strengthen enamel, so that sensitivity issues do not worsen. Those using the toothpaste should avoid problem foods such as foods that are served very hot or very cold, or foods that are excessively sweet, sour, or spicy, for the first few days of using the toothpaste. Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits, pickles, sodas, tea, coffee, and wine should be avoided for the entirety of the Crest Sensitive use as these foods and beverages can wear away enamel and make sensitivity worse, even with the usage of the toothpaste. Once the toothpaste has become effective and users experience a reduction in the amount of sensitivity related pain experienced, then they may gradually reintroduce former problem foods into their diets. If the sensitivitiy comes back, the user should continue to avoid these foods, testing occassionally to see if discomfort or pain has ceased. Some individuals will never be able to eat problem foods without sensitivity, though most are able to at some point with continued use of the product.

It is important, at some point, to seek out the care and attention of a dentist. Depending on what is causing the sensitivity, a dentist may be able to easily treat the issue. Methods of treatment include the application of dental sealants, having fillings put over the exposed root that is causing the sensitivity, or being instructed to wear a specially made night guard or retainer if the problems are a result of teeth grinding. After receiving dental care, many patients will still benefit from using Crest Sensitivity Original, since it is not as strong as the other toothpaste but provides protection in case any issues reoccur. However, in some circumstances, a dentist may simply tell the patient to continue using the Crest Sensitivity Protection toothpaste as a form of treatment.



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